poly relationship and open relationship

Poly relationship refers to a relationship where one or both parties have more than one partner. They promise each other and take responsibility. This model is completely different from monogamy. Open relationships may have a partner relationship, but plural relationships (also known as plural love, plural... ) there is no one-to-one relationship, and the people involved are equal and give each other their feelings.
Open relationship means: As if you have a pet dog, you take it to the park for a walk, and then it sees that there are butterflies, there are flowers, very happy, and you want to get out of the dog chain and go out and jump around. So you let go of the chain, you let it run away, you can't even see it, but you can take a rest, sit on a bench and read a little book, and feel very comfortable... But after half an hour, the puppy is tired, and when he turns around and finds out that his master is away, he will want to go back to you. Then it will come back again, and you will be glad to be at your side, and you will feel the same. Then it will be nice enough to let you put on a dog chain and go home.
In fact, the open relationship feels like this. You all want to chase something fresh, but know that each other is the most important. So open relationships are a good choice when you're very trusting, forgiving and honest. Novelty and exploration are why many couples choose to be open. There are other objective reasons, such as long-distance relationships. Personally, if you want to open up your relationship, make sure that the relationship is stable enough and that you are willing to communicate and solve problems in a timely manner. Jealousy is inevitable, but it can be overcome.
Polyamory relationship, likes the multilateral love, it is not jealous, but it is the requirement of the woman's unilateral not jealousy, is the double standard of the men and women is not jealous, implying the male superiority female the logic. Throuple and poly relationships are not jealous of the same standards of bisexuals men and bisexuals women (or partners), and the relationships of all parties involved are equal, free and independent in throuple dating site.
Examples of plural relationships have sprung up in modern societies, such as the three men in Thailand who became the first gay people to marry in the world. Jock, 29, Bell, 21, and "Joke, Bell, Art", 26, exchanged vows in a fairytale wedding at their home in Uthai, Thailand, on valentine's day. A Brazilian men and two women live together for many years, in 2012, the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo Notaries Claudia Donoghue, Domingo, Simon has approved three legal civil unions, and said that the law has not stipulated does not allow this relationship.
Misunderstand about open relationships and polyamory relationships:

1. This kind of relationship model is promiscuous and insecure.

A lot of people have this kind of worry, feeling that the other party may go to bed with anyone, if bring back any disease, it is not worth the loss. Having such a concern is a good thing, and a necessary step in opening a security relationship model. People who seriously consider open relationships (plural relationships) put safety and health at the top of their list. Some of our friends will carefully put some guidelines on paper before entering into the open relationship, such as safety behavior, regular physical examination and so on. It's not just about them, it's about being accountable to them.

2. This relationship is an excuse to cheat:

One of the premises of an affair is to cheat and hurt their feelings without knowing it. But open relationships (plural relationships) have always been more open and inclusive. In such a relationship, especially for those who have just chosen to do so, their hearts are more fragile, so it is necessary to demand transparency and candor. There are some guidelines that are often discussed between couples who want to open up relationships, such as: (open relationships) asking the other half to notify each other in a timely manner after a one-night stand. There are also friends who are not familiar with each other, and so on. When these criteria are set, be honest with each other and avoid unnecessary damage.

3. This is a sign of moral corruption:

Morality is developed with the progress of human society. As communications and transportation are highly developed today, we find that the patterns of human interaction are changing dramatically. Know Yourself a public WeChat platform is pretty straightforward: yes, the cost of infidelity is getting lower and lower. But it doesn't mean that people are no longer loyal, responsible, kind, persistent... It's just that people see more opportunities, more possibilities. When we choose another mode of intimacy without hurting anyone's interests, it's just a matter of choice, nothing else.

4. Open relationships (polyamory relationships) resolve existing conflicts:

It is not recommended to add an open relationship to your existing conflicted relationship. When you're not happy with your partner, or if you can't find security in this relationship, open relationships (poly relationships) are likely to aggravate your conflict. But new relationships may also make you more likely to identify who you are, how you want to get along, and so on. So open relationships are not a master key, but they can help you find yourself.

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