having a open relationship

With the Persians good-looking appearance, dark curly hair and big lips, Dariush, 38, is a people I know, and he is the first and only one with a liberal attitude in the face of "Open Relationship".
He has been with his bi girlfriend for three years. She is a very attractive woman from New Zealand, a human rights lawyer named Sophie. Both of them had sex with people outside of them, and their relationship with sexual desire, sometimes trigonometry or quadrilateral. For the past nine months, Sophie has been traveling and working in Thailand, which makes sense. But their commitment to each other's obligations is not because of the distance; It's the freedom to have sex. Pure and simple.
When they lived in New York, they had occasional sexual contact with others. They don't share details with each other, and they don't get jealous. In this way, they have not shaken their relations. In other words, it is not because of sexual fidelity that binds them together; That's because of something else. So what's their secret?
Is it true that we, the average American, are a little too anxious about sexual fidelity? Can there be other examples that can be followed? A lack of religious or economic obligation and dependence, most people would think that the loyalty of sexual behavior is a solid foundation for the throuple dating site and the society as a whole. Without loyalty, our relationship with our partner is fragile and fragile. Even as more and more gender equality is sought, we still believe that sexual fidelity is threatened. Think of the confusion and confusion that the stories of Clinton and Hillary have given us, you know.
But consider the fact that 40 per cent of women have an affair with 50 per cent of men. Does this mean that we have too much expectation for this unrealistic hope? If we were to allow each other's occasional debauchery, perhaps it would be possible to maintain a polyamory relationship? In other words, the worst thing about infidelity, perhaps, is that it is forbidden? Obviously, to make an open relationship successful, there must be some rules: both partners need to really enjoy the relationship if they can accept it.
If a person is outside hu tianhu, and the other is adjusting to adaptation, then it becomes the old story of breaking up. And what if both sides already have children? Or did one of them fall in love with a third person? To make this work, we have to be honest with each other. Let go of it, accept disappointment, accept it, and accept it.
Since Sophie went to Thailand, Dariush has picked up her best friend, Christy. All three of them are in contact, but Sophie is not aware of this new development. Dariush doesn't want to end his relationship with Sophie, and he doesn't want to go further with Christy. And Chrisy, she wants to be a traditional one-on-one relationship. No one knows what will happen when Sophie comes back, or whether this unexpected new development has violated the true meaning of "open relationships".
Sleeping with someone else is one thing, having sex with your partner's best friend is another thing completely different.
Well, it was seven years ago, but now it's not a year. Is it because of the people of the present age, that there is no strong marriage concept? I dare not say. However, I can be sure that there are more and more temptations now, so it is more difficult to resist the temptation than before. In other words, earlier women rarely entered the workplace, and fewer opportunities to reach other men. Now, how many bi women are working, and the number of people who continue to struggle after marriage, and the number of people who have lost their blood, is also increasing. As a result, visibility is much improved and opportunities for contact with others increase.
If not because of work, now the Internet developed, bisexual playground online dating is a part of daily life, when the pipeline, increase in the number of people know, and all kinds of "story" is increasing. This is the "possibility," as to whether or not it will actually happen, which is another matter.

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