6 reviews of open relationship and poly

Kane: I finally have a way to live in a poly relationship. I know that my partner and I have a desire for others, and we can negotiate and explore these desires, while respecting each other's status as a major partner.

Juan: Setting limits on love is like tying a dog chain to your body. Although not really tightly tied down my neck, but know that the chain there is enough to me... I hope that together with my partner because I like, not because they have to do so.

Kate: What is important is that people must know that they are free to choose and find patterns that suit them best, rather than just getting caught up in other people's norms.
These are the views of the three parties in the "open relationship". What is the relationship between "open relationship"? Can this relationship really be reconciled with what they say is the relationship between their desires and their partners?

Damien Lu: Open Relationship refers to having sexual contact with others outside of a fixed Relationship. The open relationship has different concrete ways, but the basic commonality is the sexual contact outside the relationship, which does not affect the relationship between the two people. Being able to continue open relationships, most of them are two people with long-term relationships, solid emotional foundation, high mutual trust, enough psychological maturity. In addition, both can accept the separation of sex and love. Open relationships, if handled well, can help maintain long-term relationships.

Aliee Chan: An open relationship is when two people in a relationship agree that, in addition to maintaining their relationship, they have the right to pursue other people who might attract them. It means that the people they pursue don't necessarily need to know each other or live together, nor do they have collective behavior. (if you meet and live together, love each other, and treat everyone in this relationship equally, it's a lot of love. Open relationships are not equal to polygamy and throuple dating site. Open relationships are not for everyone, just as one-to-one relationships are not for everyone. The stability and feasibility of open relationships are also judged by different people.

Tristan Taormino: Open relationships do not have a fixed script or pattern, so people who are in it must develop the possible relationship as they practice. When relationships change, they may seek an end, but they may also renegotiate ways to keep things going. With not a single partner relationship all follow the same premise: a partner can meet all our requirements, therefore, in addition to the current partner, they also want to developmental/relationships with others. They don't hide this idea; they make it public; They are not bound by what they should do, but open the door to communication. They talk honestly about what they want, fear of themselves and others, and seek the life they want without cheating. They don't set limits, they don't think that all intimacy, flirtation, sex, emotional connection, romantic love, and love can only be Shared with one person. They strongly believe that you are not the only one who enjoys it in a moral and responsible way.
Various poly relationship including the single stable partner relationship, partner exchange, open partners, single type of poly partners, plural loyalty (lovers) and a single partner/not a single partner/mix combination of multiple partner relationship.
Dr Here it should be pointed out that, the stars and Aliee Chan's views are based on "two relationships" explanation of threesome dating, and Tristan Taormino mentioned "single type multiple partners" in daily life could be defined as "single" (they may like to live alone, or like to live with others, but do not want to become a partner with anyone. Although these people are usually very independent, don't hate and build relationships, but in fact, as long as you can date, or a lover, friends and partners to meet, so don't put any object as a main partner).
So we can learn, "open relationship" is not a specific form, its core is more similar to based on their demand for sexuality, romantic love and attachment and poly relationship dating APP in life.
Here, we can already know that the word "open relationship" doesn't look so simple, it is not a "both default to cheat", not "more than a sexual partner", not "sexual orgies", not "think on top," or "don't want to promise the future", and open relationship is not only for "queer" or of "sexual minorities", are also applicable to the ordinary people.